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PanX 編譯。一個從生物科技領逃離的法律人,最近出沒美國,平日寫些正經嚴肅的法律文字之虞,也喜歡接觸更多多元的議題。希望藉由編譯文字,讓我持續保有對台灣這土地的熱愛及熟悉感。

“Singapore Provides a Complete Plan to Assist Startups” – Cofounder of VentureCraft, Isaac Ho

The cofounder of VentureCraft, Isaac Ho,...

2016 年 04 月 06 日

Entrepreneurs Should Understand the Meaning of Setting Up KPI in Business – CyberAgent Ventures

Alice shared her view of VCs' evalu...

2016 年 03 月 30 日

Growth of the Entrepreneurial Environment in France – Nicolas, the founder of Iris Capital

Nicolas from Iris Capital shared his per...

2016 年 03 月 23 日

“How to Attract a Venture Capital’s Attention?” – 500 Startups

Cjin Chen from 500 Startups shared the i...

2016 年 03 月 02 日